Do I Need Underlay for GrandOak?

At Australian Select Timbers our GrandOak can be installed in two different ways – as a floating floor or as a direct stick. Floating floors require an underlay to be installed underneath your GrandOak whereas direct stick refers to your GrandOak being adhered directly to a subfloor.


*Please speak with a professional before deciding which option is the correct option for you.

Does My Floor Need to be Level?

It is very important to ensure your floor is flat, dry, level and clear of all debris before installing your GrandOak floor. Whether your subfloor is concrete or timber please ensure you speak with a professional prior to any works begin, to ensure GrandOak is suitable for your well-prepared floor.

What Is Scotia and Why Do I Need It?

Scotia is the trim that goes around the outside of your room up against your skirting board or wall and covers the expansion gap required by many floating flooring options.


This importance of leaving a gap around the perimeter when using a floating flooring can’t be understated and it is necessary to ensure the floor performs in your environment. In addition to this, using scotia helps ensure the exterior is covered, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Can I Install GrandOak Myself?

While this will depend on your particular skill set and whether you are willing to invest the time to get the job done right, as a general rule, our floating floors are glued together so DIY is an option, however you have to understand and follow all installation instructions for the matching floor. 

How Do I Clean Engineered Timber Flooring?

Cleaning your GrandOak floors is a relatively simple process that generally consists of sweeping with a soft, indoor broom or vacuuming followed by dry or slightly damp mopping using a microfibre mop to remove stubborn stains.


We recommend using our Select Care cleaning products consisting of a hardfloor cleaner, rejuvenator and rejuvenator plus regularly to ensure your GrandOak flooring performs to its maximum potential.


*Please Note: Engineered Timber is not suited to steam mopping as the combination of high temperature and concentrated moisture may cause warping or bowing.